Q: When I plug in my iPhone, I get this error message: "This Accessory May Not Be Supported."

A: Apple products may display this message when low power is generated.  This could be due to overcast skies, shaded panels or weak sunlight.  Try again in improved sunlight.  You'll need to unplug and reconnect your USB cord to the phone.  Alternatively, you can first charge a power pack (sold separately) directly from your SunSoaker panel and then use it to charge your Apple device.

Q: Does the SunSoaker store energy that is created?

A: No.  SunSoaker only creates energy that can be directly supplied to an electronic device using the device manufacturer's approved USB cord.  To store energy you'll need to connect it to a separate power pack, battery pack, battery stick, etc.  

Q: Can SunSoaker generate electricity from indoor lighting?

A: No. SunSoaker only generates electricity from Sunlight.   

Q: Can SunSoaker generate electricity through windows or windshields.  

A: Yes.  However, the windows must not be tinted as they'll block the sunlight from generating electricity.  For best results, secure the SunSoaker to the outside of the window.  Also, please note that the inside windshield of a vehicle can become extremely hot.  Mounting a SunSoaker here may lead to damage and is not recommended for extended periods during high temperatures.