SunSoaker™ Product and Safety Information

The following suggestions are intended to help you protect your SunSoaker™ Limited Product Warranty coverage.

Keep SunSoaker™ dry at all times.  Precipitation, humidity, and all types of liquids or moisture can corrode electrical circuits.  If your SunSoaker™ gets wet, allow it to fully dry-out before using, particularly, the USB port.

Use this product for its intended purpose only.  Improper use may invalidate the Limited Product Warranty.  If you believe the product is damaged, discontinue use immediately.

Do not use or store the product in wet, dusty or dirty areas.  SunSoaker™’s electronic components can be damaged by dirt and dust, especially in the USB port.

Use your device’s approved USB charging cord for connecting to SunSoaker™ USB port. 

Do not use  SunSoaker™ under artificial light of any kind, as the heat from the light’s lamp may damage the solar panel and plastic USB port housing.

NEVER fold, bend, or crease the SunSoaker™ solar panel.  This will damage the solar panel and void the SunSoaker™ Limited Product Warranty.  To store, unroll and lay SunSoaker™ on a flat surface, or roll and store SunSoaker™ in the provided zero-waste package tube.

Do not attempt to open the SunSoaker™ solar panel or its USB port.

Unauthorized modifications to SunSoaker™ and any of its components may damage the panel and violate regulations governing radio devices.

Be advised that rough handling can break internal circuits and the connector housing.  Handle SunSoaker™ with care.

To clean SunSoaker™, use only a soft, clean, dry cloth such as the kind commonly used to clean eyeglasses and computer screens. 

Do not paint or attach stickers to the solar panel.  This will prevent proper operation and void the SunSoaker™ Limited Product Warranty.