The SunSoaker 10W kit is a 10 Watt thin film solar panel with built in custom USB port for charging your personal electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets, power packs, Bluetooth speakers, and other USB devices.   The kit comes complete with 4 carabiners and 4 suction cups.  Our zero waste packaging allows you to conveniently transport your SunSoaker 10W, while ensuring its contents remain together.  

Make the outdoors electric by converting natural sun light into energy with the ultra light and extremely durable SunSoaker 10W, and never be caught with a tapped out battery again!

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Sunsoaker 10 Watt

Edwin Q. on Oct 2nd 2019

Great panel, I took it camping to the Sequoia's and it worked great .Fully charged my phone with no problem and fast. definitely a good buy and definitely going with me on my next camping trip.

SunSoaker 10-Watt Kit

Jason E Marker on Aug 27th 2019

Compact, rugged, works great! Probably bulkier than an ultra-light hiker would want, but for short trips, family adventures off the grid, car camping, or a day trip anticipating lots of photos or phone map usage this product is great!

Nice concept

Steve Rodney on May 6th 2019

Living in Arizona, I have always liked the idea of using solar energy as a power source whenever possible. I purchased one of the 10-Watt kits to see if I could incorporate it into my backpacking layout. I like the inclusion of suction cups and carabiners in the kit, all of which comes nicely packed in a durable round canister. When it arrived, I immediately set it out on a table in our back yard to test how quickly it would recharge a Goal Zero Venture 30 battery pack. This battery pack is what I use to recharge my devices (smartphone and GPS watch) while in the field. In 4 hours of direct sunlight and light shade, the battery pack was recharged 80%. I consider that a good return. There are two negatives I see to using the SunSoaker as a regular backpacking tool. 1) Weight - At around 14 oz., the kit is certainly not an ultralight addition to my backpack. (If I just pack the panel, it weighs in at around 9 oz.) 2) The panel cannot be folded which requires some care to put inside my pack without threatening to damage the panel unless I keep it inside the round canister it comes in. I like the concept; am just not sure how much I will actually use the panel backpacking for the two reasons stated.

Great Product for a reasonable price. Five star company.

Tim Pate on Apr 5th 2019

I am very impressed with the quality of the solar panel. Even the carabiners are nice quality. Nice tube to store it in. Shipping was fast,