Rollable 10W USB Solar Panel w/ Mounting Accessories

Featuring an incredibly lightweight, durable and rollable 10W thin film solar panel, the SunSoaker 10W Kit provides on-the-go power for phones, tablets, power banks and other USB devices.

This kit also includes suction cups and carabiners, providing multiple options for mounting the panel, along with a zero-waste reusable storage tube.

10W of useable power via integrated USB port
Panel includes grommets for easy mounting and rolls up for convenient storage
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Sunsoaker 10 Watt

Edwin Q. on Oct 2nd 2019

Great panel, I took it camping to the Sequoia's and it worked great .Fully charged my phone with no problem and fast. definitely a good buy and definitely going with me on my next camping trip.

SunSoaker 10-Watt Kit

Jason E Marker on Aug 27th 2019

Compact, rugged, works great! Probably bulkier than an ultra-light hiker would want, but for short trips, family adventures off the grid, car camping, or a day trip anticipating lots of photos or phone map usage this product is great!

Nice concept

Steve Rodney on May 6th 2019

Living in Arizona, I have always liked the idea of using solar energy as a power source whenever possible. I purchased one of the 10-Watt kits to see if I could incorporate it into my backpacking layout. I like the inclusion of suction cups and carabiners in the kit, all of which comes nicely packed in a durable round canister. When it arrived, I immediately set it out on a table in our back yard to test how quickly it would recharge a Goal Zero Venture 30 battery pack. This battery pack is what I use to recharge my devices (smartphone and GPS watch) while in the field. In 4 hours of direct sunlight and light shade, the battery pack was recharged 80%. I consider that a good return. There are two negatives I see to using the SunSoaker as a regular backpacking tool. 1) Weight - At around 14 oz., the kit is certainly not an ultralight addition to my backpack. (If I just pack the panel, it weighs in at around 9 oz.) 2) The panel cannot be folded which requires some care to put inside my pack without threatening to damage the panel unless I keep it inside the round canister it comes in. I like the concept; am just not sure how much I will actually use the panel backpacking for the two reasons stated.

Great Product for a reasonable price. Five star company.

Tim Pate on Apr 5th 2019

I am very impressed with the quality of the solar panel. Even the carabiners are nice quality. Nice tube to store it in. Shipping was fast,